what happened to kindness

The world is cruel, so society tells me. It is ruthless and will tear you up and break you down. But…the world has never caused me to feel uneasy. When I’m outside hiking or at the ocean, I never feel threatened. I feel like this moment, this exact scene was made for me. I feel wanted. The world doesn’t tell me I’m ugly. The world doesn’t make me feel worthless because I’m not talented enough or unique, people do. I don’t think people understand the power we hold. We act in defense and blame it on the “ruthless world.” People are the ones who make it that way. We do not have to all live this way. We don’t have to live so tough and forceful. People have the power to change the atmosphere of how we live…so…why don’t we?

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

Why must kindness be seen as weak? Why must charity be a chore? Why must caring be so looked down upon that the common man fears it? Why is it considered “brave” for someone to stand up for what they believe in, instead of it being a common action? Is society so crippled that it cannot exist without uniformity? When did individuality become a crime? If “be yourself” is so publicly broadcasted, why is it looked down when acted out?

I have a lot of questions like this, but the most important one to me is: When did morality become something that took courage? People have shifted the viewpoint of society to where being kind is never praised, but let me assure those of you who still have humanity, having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

Don’t forget to be kind. The world is already filled with enough cruelty. Stand out. Be kind. It is not an act to look down on. Go against the odds.

I love you all. Be adventurous. Chérir la vie.

Ellie X.



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