i’m a dog person

I have been procrastinating doing my English paper for about 2 hours now because I watched a puppy video on Facebook and then it was all downhill from there…so, I decided to do something productive with all the puppy videos so here are some cute and adorable faces to cheer up your day 🙂


This one is just absolute hilarious. Just like every other Buzzfeed video ever.



And while dogs are my favorite, here is a hysterical cat video for you cat lovers 🙂

And here are some puppy pictures for you too.


I hope you all have a great week filled with smiles! Happy late (almost not even anymore) Monday!

dalmatian puppy

I love you all. Be adventurous. Chérir la vie.

Ellie X.


4 thoughts on “i’m a dog person

  1. Omg.. sorry to being very honest.. I do not like dogs.. Dog scares the hell out of me.. even the puppy..!
    It’s good you are writing through your personal experience that helps you convey the message clearly.. Good Job!


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