i’m still alive, i promise

hello friends,

I’m writing this to say I’M FINALLY DONE WITH EXAMS! Thank God. I’m sorry I completely dropped off the face of the earth. I took 18 credit hours this semester so I have done nothing but work for finals these past couple weeks. I promise I will be posting regularly again, but for now I’m going to sleep for the next 48 hours. I just wanted to let you know I’m still here! Until next post…

I love you all. Be adventurous. Chérir la vie.

Ellie X.


rainy day in april

It’s a rainy day here on campus and I should be studying for an test I have later, buuut, per the norm, I’m procrastinating. I blame the rain. I don’t know why, but I love the rain. It makes me feel very calm and it’s the perfect writing weather. Everything slows down and it gives you a chance to breathe. Which is highly needed right now. In case you have never experienced April in college, it is hell month. Professors are trying to shove every bit of last minute knowledge into your brain that they can, so they can give another exam before the final. Labs give their final projects. Class signups begin. People realize how little time they have to bring up their grades. Academic scholarships begin looming over peoples heads. It’s the most stressful month in the academic year.

I had never experienced hell month before so I over anticipated how much free time I would have. I bought tickets to concerts on the first two weekends and they’re 4 hours away, I have a sorority formal the next weekend, and then on the last weekend before exams I have Relay for Life on campus (if you don’t know what that is look it up. it’s very cool i promise). I volunteered for two chair positions on the committee and I am co-captain for a team, so they definitely keep me busy. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every second of working for the American Cancer Society. They are wonderful people and I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. However, I’m working on stuff every single day and it’s hard to balance everything. Needless to say, when I woke up this morning and I heard the rain I was very thankful.

This past weekend was my first concert of the month and I saw Mumford & Sons in Birmingham. They were absolutely amazing and sound just as wonderful live as they do on the album.

Mumford & SonsI sat at the very top because I’m a poor college student haha. Mumford opened up with their most popular songs like “I Will Wait” and “The Cave.” After they played the more upbeat songs they went down into the audience and did an acoustic set with one microphone and sang “Awake My Soul.”

Mumford AcousticI almost cried. It was amazing. The entire arena was silent and everyone just stood mesmerized.

Here’s one last picture from the piano solo:

Mumford & Sons flashlight I think I’m slightly addicted to concerts haha. I go to the Pentatonix concert this Saturday and I’ll post the pictures from that soon. No matter how stressful hell month gets, the concerts are worth it 🙂

I hope you all are having a wonderful April! To all the college students out there, good luck.

I love you all. Be adventurous. Chérir la vie.

Ellie X.