I have been having some serious writer’s block the last couple of months (which I sincerely apologize for…working on it). Luckily, my friend is an amazing writer, so I want to share one of her poems with you. The poem is about her relationship with one of our friends. Enjoy!

by: Elsa Gray

The riff between us
Is less of a riff
And more of a line that
Bends and curves
With the beat of my laughter.

The line between us
And separates.

And as you pull farther and farther away
I feel myself being pulled
With you.

Like the cans with the strings connecting them,
Except with a sock stuffed in the opening
That makes it all the more impossible
To understand where you’re coming from.

And yet I have never understood anyone more.

You are a jar with a lid
That I am too weak to open.
You are a book
And every other word is misspelled.
You are my favorite poem
That I read a million times and never understood.

You are too far
And too close
And too loud
And too silent
And too everything

And I am too attached.


the best friend

This is a thank you note to my best friend, who really deserves a round of applause. So, on behalf of all the best friends out there, here you go.

Thank you for all the times you’ve talked me out of bad decisions. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably be halfway across the country trying to hitchhike my way to a better future. Thank you for giving me advice, even if I may not want to hear it. You are never afraid to call me out and set me straight and I appreciate that. I need to hear that I am wrong sometimes. Thank you for laughing at my jokes even though they suck….no really they’re terrible haha. Thank you. You took the time to understand my humor and fill me in on the Spongebob jokes that I never catch. Thank you for being willing to go on random adventures with me. When I think back on middle school you walked with me hand-in-hand through my horrific edgy phase and embraced it with me without so much as a sideways glance. Even that time that I dyed my hair that horrible purple color, you acted like it was the greatest thing ever. Thank you letting me yell out every word of “Raised By Wolves” by Falling In Reverse in your car more times than I count. I know you hate it, so thanks. Thank you for sharing a deep, unquenchable love for Taco Bell.Thank you for supporting me through every weird phase I go through. You da bomb. Thank you for always being willing to sing with me and talk about starting a band (even though we never do).

Remember that time we accidentally picked up the wrong order at Taco Bell? We acted like we didn’t notice, but then the guy started looking for his meal and we ran out the door….cause that’s logical.

Remember the time we wore the same outfit to band practice for like 3 weeks in a row without even planning it? Yea. We’re so in sync it’s scary.

Or the time I got dumped and we watched 12 straight hours of horror films? You drove to my house at 7 in the morning so that you would beat the snow storm and you got snowed in at my house so that I wouldn’t be alone. I’ll never forget that.

Warning things are about to get sentimental Thank you for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. People who have not had the opportunity to meet you have seriously missed out. I’m grateful that I just so happened to be put next to you in band in 6th grade. For all the times that I have made you feel like you are less important than you are, I am sorry. For any time where you felt like I didn’t care, I am sorry. And for any time that I have not been the best friend you deserve, I am sorry. Even in the times that we drifted apart for a while, I still considered you my best friend. You get me better than anyone ever has.

Here’s to you. You’re goofy and quirky and weird and it’s great. You’re a unique blend of introverted and outgoing. You hate new people, but at the same time you love them. You hate crowds, but you treasure people. You have a fantastic taste in music and literature which I always enjoy mooching off of. I can talk to you about everything from High School Musical to politics and theology. I think your obsession with George Ezra is hilarious. I miss seeing you everyday like we could in high school, but I love that we are just as close even 4 hours apart. I have loved being your best friend, even in our stupid, passive aggressive fights. You have given me the blessing of being your best friend and it’s not something I take lightly. I love you lots and it’s an honor to call you my friend.

I love you buddy and I love you all. Be adventurous. Chérir la vie.

Ellie X.

Random Life Moment #2

One of my best friends at college, Sara, had a roommate at the beginning of the year move out on her. They were best friends from home and hung out all the time, but once they got to college and Sara’s friend made new friends, she packed her stuff and moved out! Rude. Anyway, so I was in a friend’s dorm the other night watching a movie in the lobby area and that same girl that moved out of Sara’s dorm sat down right behind me. Well, I thought I would be funny and send a snapchat of her to Sara. I halfway turned around to talk to someone else who was behind me and I stuck my phone halfway above the couch I was on, just enough so the camera could get the picture. I took the picture (keep in mind the lights are off) AND THE FLASH WAS ON!!! AAAAHHHH! So she knew. She knew I was taking a picture of her. She just stared at me. It was hilariously awful.