I have been having some serious writer’s block the last couple of months (which I sincerely apologize for…working on it). Luckily, my friend is an amazing writer, so I want to share one of her poems with you. The poem is about her relationship with one of our friends. Enjoy!

by: Elsa Gray

The riff between us
Is less of a riff
And more of a line that
Bends and curves
With the beat of my laughter.

The line between us
And separates.

And as you pull farther and farther away
I feel myself being pulled
With you.

Like the cans with the strings connecting them,
Except with a sock stuffed in the opening
That makes it all the more impossible
To understand where you’re coming from.

And yet I have never understood anyone more.

You are a jar with a lid
That I am too weak to open.
You are a book
And every other word is misspelled.
You are my favorite poem
That I read a million times and never understood.

You are too far
And too close
And too loud
And too silent
And too everything

And I am too attached.